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  1. hayleysideallife said: Oh man. I used to live in Milton Keynes and go to Bedford every now and then. Not helpful to you though >.<

  2. batteryhomosapien said: Not at all helpful, but I’d love to move to Bedfordshire! I have fallen in love with Ampthill :) good luck! Moving away is scary! (Hence why I haven’t yet lol)

so helpful, you guys!

Do any of my followers live in Bedford (UK), or know anyone who does? It’s looking fairly likely that I might be moving there, and I’d like to know people if/when I do! 

things that are boring:

waiting for hair dye to do its thing. 

just had to make a doctors appointment and the earliest they could give me was 14th august. whattt. 

i’m too used to the doctors at uni where you could pretty much always get a next day appointment (or at least one the same week) because all the patients were students with relatively few health issues (at least compared to children and the elderly)

just made and ate the most incredible roasted butternut squash risotto for dinner and now i’m in a food coma. 


Took all my books off my shelves so I could reorganise them. 

I have a lot of books.

Took all my books off my shelves so I could reorganise them.

I have a lot of books.

if i spend all night listening to 80s music then blame natalie